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That Annoying Thing About Being Natural

Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls. It’s just some of the things I have to do to get them together that is annoying. If you’re a natural you may relate:


Photo credit: untitled photo of model with natural hair retrieved February 25, 2016 from danielledesirexoxo Instagram shot by 2020 photography



Conditioner use illustration

I love all things conditioner, but the product companies have to do better! Why is the tub so small? I can squeeze 5 uses if that. My hair goes through a whole handful of conditioner by the time I’m done applying it to my hair!
Wash Day


Wash Day hair meme

If I could put a dollar in a jar for the number of times I’ve cringed, walked past the bathroom and sighed, or procrastinated about washing my hair, I’d be a rich woman. Wash day requires you to be mentally prepared to tackle the journey. Washing your hair is a journey, and requires you to block out hours of your life to do so. We need to automate this process!
Heat Damage


Natural hair meme

This is every natural’s fear. Heat damage can ruin your curls for a very long time. Have those lingering thoughts when you straighten your hair and wonder if the hairstylist burned your curls away? Yup, me too. There has to be a better ways to straighten your hair without living in fear!
Breaking Combs/Brushes


Photo credit: Natural hair problems Retrieved February 25, 2016, from Natural Hair problems Instagram

Somebody help me. I feel like my hair goes to the gym every week because I can’t find a comb that can win this fight.
Bad Hair Days


Bad Hair Day meme

I don’t know about your bad hair days, but mine put me in a different emotional state! If the twist out didn’t come out right, the new hair product everyone raved about doesn’t work with your hair or you tried a new hairstyle but humidity had other plans, it can leave you feeling defeated

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