Complete Guide to Making New Friends, For Every Type of Girl

In December, I wrote a post on ditching bad friends (click here), and I gave you five new ones to gain. However in the age of social media, many girls have found it a bit difficult to make new friends, especially since all girls are not the same. The obvious thing to say is “socialize at school, work, or an internship.” But many still wonder where to meet people who share the same interests as them. Here’s my guide to finding friends who share your personality.

The Quirky Girl


Via Tumblr

Cosplay Conventions– You’re the girl who likes to dress up, watches anime and reads manga. Cosplay conventions are perfect for you. Try something like AnimeCons.com to look up events in your area. Don’t forget to take a selfie! Rawr.

Renaissance Festivals– Obsessed with Middle Earth and read Game of Thrones FanFiction? Your girl squad is waiting for you at your nearest RenFest. Not only will you enjoy pretending it’s the Middles Ages, but you’ll also meet lots of new friends who you can dance with to dirty pirate songs all night.

Art Galleries– For the quirky, artsy girl. You probably adored Klimt in high school and have probably seen at least one Guillermo del Toro film. New showings at art galleries are where your girl squad reside, you can discuss Daniel Merriam for hours with your new friend.

The Flower Girl


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Music Festivals– Festivals like AfroPunk and Coachella have taken over the music scene in recent years; they’ve also become a haven for the NeoHippie of the Millenium. You’ll meet the perfect bestie who will not only go to the next Cali Uchis show with you; she’ll also put you on to some unknown artist who happens to be performing in your local coffee shop.

Yoga, or Some Other Spiritual-type Class- My flower girls ladies love peace and serenity, and nothing is more peaceful than sitting in lotus position while listening to the sound of the ocean. Despite the calming nature, yogis are pretty talkative, especially after class, probably because they left all of that negative energy on their yoga mat. Try asking her to join you for a smoothie after Bikram.

Retreats– Goddess retreats are big now. I have made amazing friends by just joining the forums. It’s like an all girls camp for adults; I’ve known many girls to make lifelong friends from these. Not only do you get to travel to beautiful locations, but you also get to meet nice new people too!

The ‘Woke’ Girl


Via Hot97

Seminars– Sister Shahrazad Ali is probably your idol. You can always attend seminars at your nearest university on African culture and veganism, and never get bored. Afterward, you two can wander the campus checking out the Nupes. Stay Woke!

Hip Cafes– Cafes are perfect for meeting woke friends after work and discussing Langston Hughes over coffee or wine. They are also perfect for expressing yourself via Poetry Night. Girl, you might just leave with a bestie and a boo. Give his friend my number if that happens.

Charities and Protests– The woke girl is not an internet-solider. When it comes to saving the world – she means business. That’s why you’re likely to meet your new friend while volunteering with younger kids, starting a food drive, or protesting the education system. The most popular place to meet your liberal woke friend is at a #BlackLivesMatter rally.

The Material Girl

Balmain via W Magazine

Balmain via W Magazine

Fashion Events– Material Girls are all about fashion and style, so you’re likely to meet her at a semi-exclusive shopping event, or sitting on the runway at your favorite underground designer’s next show. You two will immediately click, only because you love each other’s outfit choices, and slaying the world. Yaaasss girl!

Trendy Bars and Mixers– Material Girls love to two things, wine and networking. You’re likely to find her at a wine tasting. She might be wearing her Louboutins, or dancing and chatting it up at AfroCarribean. She may have even found you some new connections.

Resorts– These girls love to travel. A lot. Because of this, she probably has travel points saved up and gets discounts at beach resorts.  Meet her at the bar in Montego Bay as you are to meet her clubbing in Miami. Cheers!

Remember that these are just a few suggestions, you can meet your girl squad anywhere. You just have to remember to get out there and not be afraid to talk to people

Where did you meet your squad? Comment in the section below!

Written by Tiara Letrice, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad

2 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Making New Friends, For Every Type of Girl

  1. This is such a great post! I personally and really shy and have a hard time making new friends. This is fantastic for anyone who wants to expand their social circle! I enjoyed reading your post and hope that you don’t mind that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you have any questions you can contact me through here or Twitter!

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