#WCW: Women Who Slay

#Queenin! 3 Women Making A Difference

All over the world black women are finally being acknowledged for their achievements and accomplishments.  Some of them we know, but most we don’t see in the spotlight. As women, we should be empowering one another by giving recognition to women who are doing greats things. Here are three we’d like to acknowledge.
Danielle Paige Jeter



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Danielle is from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia where she currently lives to be closer to her community which she knows is in need of help. After graduating from Spelman University, Danielle set out to build a brand for herself. She is the CEO and founder of Affairs of Isis WIMPhilly, and YPSocialMeetup. Events are offering professional, staffing, editorial services, planning, and management. A company that is always taking new clients and event date. Although her company keeps her busy, she has free time to dance, spend time with family and attend current events. She believes in giving back, and community service and Danielle is doing just that.

Jade Slater



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Jade is from Philadelphia Pa; she was raised in Willingboro NJ. Jade is the founder of nonprofit organizations LoveArmy11 and HipHop4Autism which was inspired by her son King who lives with Autism. She also has a creative denim Clothing Line called TrybeX. It doesn’t just stop there she has Fauxlocsbyjade and is in the process of rebuilding a daycare center called The Learning Castle. On her spare time, she loves to organize events, give back to the community, be with my son, do arts and crafts, pop-up shops, anything involving being with people her accomplishments of being able nonprofit with her my fiancé and starting TrybeX from just thrifting. Jade said “Becoming a Mother my most amazing accomplishment of all my son is my motivation and greatest achievement”.

Ann Bailey



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Ann is from Camden NJ, wrote her first book, Ambitions of Love: Relationships, Dating & Disrespect, in 2013 in addition to modeling. In her spare time spends time with her daughter and GOD. She listens to a lot of sermons. “That keeps me grounded. But I also write concepts for television shows mostly Comedy. But I have not sent them out. I think of more inventions… I like to believe I’m investors Dream.” Her startup company is Annsherivals Slipcovers for Clutch Handbags. Which she is currently working with an investor to get back to business. Bailey is in the process of sending her Screenplay to Producers etc. “I have seen it all“. She is not stopping anytime soon she is putting together her second book which is a sequel to my first book Ambitions of love: relationships dating and disrespect. Bailey said “I just signed on with Styletainment for two years in NYC. My first showcase is May 7th.” So be on the look out for her as she continues to achieve her goals.

Student at Fairleigh Dickinson University.I am a radio co host for WFDU 89.1.I have a passion for writing.IG Cocolaelle

Written by Caroline Senion, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad

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