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NYFW: WALK Fashion Show Recap

#mygirlsquad’s Caroline Senion had the pleasure of attending The WALK Fashion Show on February 13, 2016, in New York City. This event was created to give an opportunity to upcoming fashion designers around the world to showcase their designs to the public. The founders Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey created WALK as a platform for new designers in the fashion industry. WALK, which originated in their hometown Detroit, has become a household name. After coming up with Walk Fashion Show, the creators took the idea even further by making it a nationwide tour, with stops consisting of cities like Detroit, New York, and Atlanta.

Upon arrival, the venue had almost filled and was roaring with people ready to see what these designers had to offer.

Courtesy of Caroline Senion

B.Woods & Company. Courtesy of Caroline Senion

The Walk Fashion Show opened up with an introduction to B.Woods & Company designs where he displayed African American royalty looks to showcase on the runway. The designer Bryant Woodson is a student at Columbia College in Chicago seeking to get his fashion line out to a larger audience to expand even more. His designs showcased both male and feminine looks in monochromatic colors.

Courtesy of Caroline Senion

Risque Dukes. Courtesy of Caroline Senion

There were a couple of designers that had great presentation when it came to displaying their designs. One of the designers was Risque Dukes. She is the creator of a swimwear company based in Miami, Florida. Her swimwear was unique and displayed different colors and patterns that aren’t seen on traditional swimwear. A beautifully bright and bold palette has us ready for summer!

Courtesy of Caroline Senion

AlycesaundraL Black Label. Courtesy of Caroline Senion

An impressive and notable a young girl was the brains and ideas behind the floral and robust colors of AlycesaundraL Black Label. She directed her little model from the sidelines of the runway. An excellent showcase from the creative young girl!

WALK presented a unique opportunity to be able to see these designers from all over the country come together and share the love for fashion through their incredible designs, displayed on the runway. For more pictures Twitter @Cocolaelle or email

Student at Fairleigh Dickinson University.I am a radio co host for WFDU 89.1.I have a passion for writing.IG Cocolaelle

Student at Fairleigh Dickinson University.I am a radio co-host for WFDU 89.1.I have a passion for writing.IG Cocolaelle

Written by Caroline Senion, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad




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