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MGS EXCLUSIVE: Adanna Duru; Dance-Pop/Alt R&B Singer And American Idol Top 10 Finalist


Adanna Duru, Exhibit A. Courtesy of Adanna Duru

Sexy, fun, and fierce are three of the many words that describe the force that is Adanna Duru. She is as ambitious as she is talented and is here to show the world that she is a force to be reckoned with. But who is this prodigy that seemed to come from out of nowhere? Adanna Duru stepped onto our TV screens and wowed the nation with her amazing voice. She made it to the top 10 finalists on American Idol season 14 and was also on The Voice.

Mygirlsquad had the opportunity to sit down and chat with The Dance-Pop/Alt R&B singer on all things Adanna Duru.

MyGirlSquad: For those who may not know who Adanna is, give us a brief background about yourself?

Adanna Duru: It’s so hard to put it so brief. I’m Adanna. I’m an R&B/Pop singer from SoCal. I’m really influenced by Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga.

MGS: How old were you when you started singing?

AD: I was singing before I could talk. My parents always tell the story of how I would hum”Love Like This” by Faith Evans when I was just a baby!

MGS: When did you know that being an artist was what you truly wanted to do?

AD: I was always creative, it was something I just knew.

MGS: Were your parents supportive, or did they push you to something more conventional?

AD: They (my parents) have always been supportive. When I was 8 years old, I got a chance to sing the National Anthem (at an event). I was in a singing group ages 11-14, my dad would drive us around performing all across the country and Ontario.

MGS: What made you decide to try out for American Idol?

AD: I did The Voice first – didn’t work out. I really didn’t want to do reality television again, but it was my mom who convinced me. I was so back and forth about going to the audition and she just pulled up to my dorm on my first day of college as was like, “you’re going!”

MGS: What was the toughest part about being on the show – besides it being reality television?

AD: Elimination. We were all so stressed out over that. It’s also really hard to keep up with your health, I had a high fever two days before a performance. But I pushed through.

MGS: What did you take away from being on the show?

AD: I’m only as good as I believe I am. Every week I would ask myself, why am I still here? I’m not a Beyonce or anything. But if you believe you’re great, you’re going to be.

MGS: Tell us about #exhibitA, what inspired it?

AD: It actually took years. I worked with a ton of producers, it was very stressful. But it’s everything that I am, “Exhibit Adanna.” I tried to make it as versatile as possible.

MGS: If you could describe the sound in 3 words, what would it be?

AD: Fierce. Vulnerable. Sexy.

MGS: Last question, #mygirlsquad is all about women unifying, celebrating, and supporting each other. Who are some women that you look to for support and guidance?

AD: My mother, my friends, myself.

For more information on Adanna, you can find her on

To listen her album Exhibit A visit



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