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Plus Size And Body-Positivity

4 Plus Size women breaking the beauty barrier and transforming the minds of society embedded with stereotypes and  preconceived standards of beauty.

Danielle Brooks


Danielle Brooks arrives at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

If you don’t know Danielle Brooks – you must be living under a rock! The Orange Is The New Black star was featured recently on the cover of Ebony Magazine’s “Body Brigade” alongside Jazmine Sullivan, Gabi Fresh and Chrisette Michele. Danielle shows that you can be celebrated not only because of your size, but because of your beautiful skin. Dark skinned plus size women are often given the short end of the stick and are under represented in the beauty world. Danielle shines light on those under represented.

Yoliswa Moleboheng Mqoco


Photo Cred: Yoliswa Moleboheng Mqoco. Retrieved May 1, 2016 from

Yoliswa Mqoco is a South African stylist making moves as a proud gay woman of color. In a society where fashion and style is euro-centric, Yoliswa chanels many inspirations and is unapologetic about who she is. She along with 7 other women were celebrated in the #JETLOVEYOURSELF Valentine’s Campaign, which encouraged women loving themselves regardless of their size. Yoliswa continues to break barriers for many South African women of color who also belong to the LGBT community.

Dascha Polanco


Dascha Polanco at the Writers Guild Awards in New York. Retrieved May 1, 2016 from

Dascho Polanco wowed us in her as Dayanara on Orange Is The New Black. This Dominican beauty has used her insecurities she faces with her body and has changed the way she sees herself. In an interview, she told, “I realized that it’s not about how I look outside; it’s about how I feel about my differences inside, and how a difference can be so beautiful. There are women who are born with more volume than others, but that difference is what intrigues [others] and allows you to have uniqueness that you should use positively. It’s time for us to really evaluate [ourselves] in the mirror and say, ‘This is OK. I can too bring out any quality. I can too be on the cover of any magazine, just the way I am.’” Dascho continues to inspire many latinas and other women of color to embrace themselves from the inside out.

Priscilla Katerena

This curvy personality is nothing short of fabulous! Priscilla breaks boundaries for many multi-ethnic women across the globe. Priscilla is half Samoan and Black, she does everything from modeling – runway and editorial, blogging as well as hosting events. She is also the creator of the #PolynesianExchange, which features Plus Size Polynesian models like herself.

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