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Everyday is Fro-day with FroGirlGinny


FroGirlGinny contagious smile. Courtesy of FroGirlGinny

­­The natural hair movement is not only happening in America, but in the UK and many other parts of the world as well. More women are taking pride in their curls and embracing a part of themselves that was once shunned by societies standards.

We had a chance to catch up with beautiful the beautiful Frogirlginny, UK natural hair vlogger and curly enthusiast about the natural hair movement in the UK and her personal journey of loving her curls.

Thank you so much for your time and sharing your story with us! What inspired you to embrace your natural curls? Hey! Thank you for featuring me! I saw some pictures of my curls when I was younger and, I really wanted that afro back. So, I decided to big chop it all, as I was relaxing it for so long.

So many women from across the world are inspired by your videos and blogs. Why did you decide to turn your personal journey into something to share across the world? I was studying media at the time and I loved the coursework we were given, as I was able to create magazines and other creative outlets. I enjoyed it so much, so I thought it would be cool a thing to do. At the time I realized a lot about my friends and didn’t want to hang out with anyone who was a bad influence. It became my distraction.

How is the natural hair community in the UK specifically London embracing the natural hair movement? We host a lot of events in May and it’s so much fun to see so many women embracing their curls in one building. I love it!

What would you tell a girl who is transitioning but is afraid? I would ask her, what are you afraid of?

What curly hair product companies (UK) do you use for your hair? Which ones should we be looking out for? Skimdo & Big Hair!

Where can we find you?



Instagram; @frogirlginny

Twitter; @frogirlginny


Evita Girón is a mom of a three – year old girl named Tatiana, a graduate student and aspiring children’s book author. Her latest project is called is called The Girl With The Magical Curls. Her book is not yet released and is in the process of being edited. Please read more about her children’s book on her Facebook Fan Page and blog listed.

Written by Evita Giron, Contributing Writer, #mygirlsquad

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