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Velvet Rope Boudoir; Embracing Womanhood



Courtesy of Velvet Rope Boudior

We love hearing real life stories of women who are empowering each other and making a difference in their community. I had the chance to interview with owner/photographer of Velvet Rope Boudoir, Vernesa Everett. Learn more about Vernesa and her photography business which helps women celebrate and embrace their womanhood!

Who is Vernesa?

My name is Vernesa (pronounced: ver-KNEE-sa) and I am the owner/photographer of Velvet Rope Boudoir.

What is Velvet Rope Boudoir? Velvet Rope Boudoir is a home based photography studio in Newark, NJ specializing in boudoir (boo-dwar) genre. I offer intimate portraiture of women for women to embrace their womanhood. Often women will come to make a gift for their significant other. However, I find the outcome is best described by the Dita Von Teese, a burlesque artist, quote: “It’s not about seducing men, it’s about embracing womanhood.” This is where I derived my motto because it couldn’t be truer for my clients. Everyone begins their journey nervous and uncertain if they have what it takes to pose practically naked. However, by the end of the session, they feel silly for even doubting their ability to be beautiful, sexy, bold, and courageous.  The fact of the matter is any woman can do a boudoir session. It can be done for a gift, to get that extra boost of confidence, to show off your confidence, to immortalize your youth and beauty, to spice up your relationship, or to remember your pre-baby body.

What made you want to start your own photography business? I started Velvet Rope Boudoir because I love being a woman! I love my confidence in my body, on the inside and outside. In a society that grooms us to be insecure trying to fit a mold, I want to challenge the status quo and break the mold because we all don’t fit! A woman need somewhere to be able to be comfortable with her body, even if she has to fake it until she makes it. Some women have curves, stretch marks, muscles, rolls, dents and scars and ITS OK!  We don’t all look the same, and it’s all beautiful if WE say it is. Through my photography, I would like to help women see themselves as the gorgeous, confident, sensual beings that they are. Velvet Rope Boudoir is dedicated to inspiring every woman to see how beautiful she already is by helping her feel confident and comfortable in her skin.

What do your clients get out of their sessions? I’m in the business of building women up so from day one I am encouraging you, getting to know you and letting you know me. I can help pick out what you want to wear, making suggestions if you need help. I stay in contact up until the day of your session. So once you are here, you will sit for a mini makeover with my makeup artist while I lay out the items you bring to shoot in. We discuss a look you may have in mind. Next, you get dressed/undressed (lol) and we shoot. I will pose you, sometimes doing the pose myself for visual coaching. We laugh with music playing (I like 90s R&B). Then, while you are dressing and packing up your items, I will load and light edit your images so that you can view them the SAME DAY!!!  No sense in waiting. You will pick your favorites to build whichever product you choose. I will fully edit those–which entails airbrushing skin and a filter. I don’t do too much to alter you at all. You are already perfect. Last, in just one week or two you will have your masterpiece!

Here’s a recap. A Velvet Rope Boudoir session includes:

  • 45-60 minute photo shoot
  • Personal styling
  • Same day viewing/ordering
  • Professional makeup artist (add-on feature)
  • Bragging rights upon completion!

To find out pricing details and more general information, you can request to receive my “Session Planner” on my website:  It is filled with details to aid in booking and preparing for your session. I have Gift Certificates available for those who would like to gift a session or any product. I even have a “Swag” store with promotional items.  Everything you need should be on my website. I tried to be as thorough as possible, but you can contact me via email on the “Contact Me” page.

I offer Boudoir Parties for birthdays, bachelorette parties, girls nights, etc.

Where would you like Velvet Rope Boudoir to be in the next five years?

My plans to achieve in the next five years is to grow into a commercial space where I can do more sessions and host parties for full makeovers. I’d like to have a team of women working with me because it’s hard doing everything yourself! Lol but above all, I’d like to have hundreds of women in my Velvet Rope Vixen Squad. These are women who have embraced their womanhood through a session with Velvet Rope Boudoir and are encouraging more women to come.

Follow Velvet Rope Boudoir on these social media sites:

Facebook – @Velvet Rope Boudoir

Instagram – @velvet_rope_boudoir

Twitter – @velvetropepics

Pinterest – Velvet Rope Boudoir


Evita Girón is a mom of a three – year old girl named Tatiana, a graduate student and aspiring children’s book author. Her latest project is called is called The Girl With The Magical Curls. Her book is not yet released and is in the process of being edited. Please read more about her children’s book on her Facebook Fan Page and blog listed.

Written By Evita Giron, Contributing Writer, #mygirlsquad

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