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Chatting With Christina Vega

Christina Vega 2 from The Curly Bunch

Courtesy of Christina Vega

If you’re on Instagram, and you are looking for curly enthusiasts to follow, you MUST follow The Curly Bunch! Their Instagram page features inspirational health, beauty, and hair tips! The young ladies also host networking and curly meetup events in the NYC and Boston area.

We had the chance to speak with Curly Bunch member and talented Sephora makeup artist Christina Vega, to learn more about her team of inspiring curly girls.

MyGirlSquad: How did you all meet?

Christina Vega: We all met on Instagram!! We liked each other’s hair and photos so much we clicked through social media.

MGS: What made you all want to start The Curly Bunch?

CV: We began The Curly Bunch to inspire other curly girls (and guys) to embrace their natural hair. We also wanted to educate and share with our follower’s tips on hair and all things beauty.

MGS: What are your individual curlspiration or hairspiration goals?

CV: My curlspiration goal would be to inspire as many young girls with natural hair as possible. I’ve come across so many young ladies who think only straight hair is beautiful. Some women go based on what they see on TV and in magazines when they should embrace who they are.

MGS: How can other curlistas and naturalistas form their own natural/curl support group?

CV: Other curlistas can start their own natural support group by going to as many natural hair events as possible. Social media is still the #1 way to connect with other curlistas alike!!

MGS: What do you hope others gain from your page?

CV: We hope to continue to inspire others!! Plus teach as many people as possible awesome hair and beauty tips.

You can follow The Curly Bunch @TheCurlyBunch on Instagram.


Evita Girón is a mom of a three – year old girl named Tatiana, a graduate student and aspiring children’s book author. Her latest project is called is called The Girl With The Magical Curls. Her book is not yet released and is in the process of being edited. Please read more about her children’s book on her Facebook Fan Page and blog listed.

Written by Evita Giron, Contributing Writer, #mygirlsquad

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