Unapologetic Shades of #Lemonade

While everyone wants to know who “Becky with the good hair” is, there’s more to “Good Hair” than Becky. For those still investigating, or conspiring about Becky being Rachel Roy, let’s consider how “Good Hair” has always been determined by a certain texture of hair. While Beyonce’s love life seems to draw the most attention, the overall message for #Lemonade is that Love is transformative. We see how #Lemonade celebrates all things women, including loving themselves and celebrating their beauty.

Boxer Braids Cornrows


We all know the term “boxer braids” surfaced from the praise of many beauty magazines stating the Kardashian Klan started a new trend called “box braids.”  Enter scene: Beyonce. Taking back the trend that has always been Cornrows.



Women of color have always been classified by body image. Beauty is universal, regardless of size, shape, skin color. Enter scene: Serena Williams. Serena has had her fair share of criticism for her skin tone, body shape, and unapologetic nature. Her place in Lemonade celebrates all that she and women like her are.



African women have a stigma in mainstream media, one that involves negativity and sometimes ridicule. Enter Beyonce. In her visual album, Beyonce sports a hairstyle symbolizing the  hair sported by many west and east African women, paying homage to African women.

Dear Black Girl


Scene from “Resurrection”. Retrieved April 30, 2016, from

Many young girls of color growing up have the difficult task of growing up with many stereotypes, hardships, and ridicule just for being a darker shade than deemed acceptable. #Lemonade reflects and celebrates the beauty of the black girl in every shade. #BlackGirlsRock


Colorism defines beauty for many, and anyone who has vitiligo or albinism knows that the term beauty has not been used in reference to them. #Lemonade celebrates sisterhood regardless of skin color!

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