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Fashion Fuckery: Will Wear Gowns For Bruises

In case you haven’t been bombarded by the fashion that happened these past few weeks, let me remind you.

The MET GALA was lit.  (and no I am not talking about that one dress that lit up)

I mean can we spare a moment to realize how awesome Lupita’s hair was?! (also note that it was not inspired by Audrey Hepburn)

Unfortunately, behind the scenes, there was more going on.

Remember the dress the Balmain Jenner dress?


Kylie Jenner at Met Gala 2016 via

Noted that I am not a celebrity and I love comfort way more than I love fashion so perhaps that is just me.

“Proud momma.”


What in that makes you a proud mom?

I am not a mom, and perhaps I don’t understand the concept of being a proud mom so please comment below and help me figure it out.

Otherwise, can we please stop with this beauty madness.

Hulisani the Intersectional Feminist. Hopeless Romantic. Lover of life. Blog: ther earth.

Written by Hulisani Khorombi, Staff Writer, #mygirlsquad


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