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10 Ways To OWN The Summer!


Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue, May 1997

Are you already in a summer rut? Feeling unmotivated and uninspired? Maybe those New Year Resolution plans aren’t working out the way you hoped and you finally realize stalking that guy at your gym has lost it’s novelty. Worry no more, there is still plenty of time to have a summer with epic potential. I bring to you all a list of ten things you can do to get your summer mind right (things that aren’t totally cliche, i.e no summer travel guides, we have a section on this site for travel if that’s what you’re looking for). So without further wait, here is my personal guide to a fun a productive summer:

1. Hit up a festival

Afropunk and Essence aren’t the only festivals that are taking place this summer. Many artists tend to tour in the summer, so a lot of cities will have music festivals where you can see loads of artists, many of them are under 100 bucks (I just saw Run DMC, Naughty by Nature, and MC Lyte  last month for $27!). But the music world aren’t the only people that have awesome festivals during the summer. Art, film, food and wine festivals are all very prominent during the summer months, and these events are usually no more than $40! Check your local events site, you would be surprised by what is happening in your city and never even knew.Tip: I’ve met really cute guys at food festivals. I’ve also made fun friends at art festivals. I’ve also had some of my best stories at wine festivals.

Treme Second Line

Treme Second Line, New Orleans, Louisiana via


2. Learn a new skill

If you have a lot of time on your hands this summer, or you’re simply an introvert, why not try  learning a cool new skill? Baking, sewing, poetry, pole dancing and a new language are all fun new things you can do for free- without leaving the comfort of your home. With sites like YouTube hosting hundreds of cooking shows and art classes, you can be Basquiat or Gordon Ramsey by fall!

3. Attend summer workshop

Is there a hobby you are interested in sharpening your skill in, or possibly a new hobby you want to explore? Summer workshops are your friend! Writing, yoga, even fashion workshops are offered in the most unexpected places. Some places that are out of your city even offer room and board. All you have to do is Google and your possibilities are endless.


Nikisha Brunson YouTube cooking channel via UrbanBushBabes

4. Cross one thing off your bucket list

This should actually be a no-brainer. We all have a list of things we want to do before we reach the end of our lives. It seems that where a lot of us mess up at is we try to either do it all at once, or we get overwhelmed by how big it is and don’t even attempt it. I think that by doing one thing a year on the list is extremely doable without breaking your wallet or causing an anxiety attack. And summer is the best time to do these things because the Groupon deals are off the hook!

5. Go outside

During the school year, you’re likely to be indoors more and that can be pretty depressing.So take full advantage of the longer days, go have a nice picnic in the park with the new friends you met during Art Walk, or maybe go hiking with that cute guy you met in Writer’s Workshop this week. Do anything that will get you active and in fresh air. Your lungs will thank you.


Skydiving via Reddit

6. Switch your look up

I’m not saying go “Extreme Makeover”, but why not try to step out of your comfort zone this summer? Dye your hair, try a new lipstick, wear a new color-it’s summer girl! Time for some change! Besides, you can always switch it back in the fall. For those of you more daring and wanting a full on makeover, getting a personal stylist may be a way to get you started without feeling overwhelmed. Department stores like Nordstrom actually offer this service for free!

7. Volunteer

This probably should have come sooner on the list, but I’m not rewriting, so here we go. Not only are volunteers needed more during the summer months (because most people aren’t that charitable after the holiday season), but this is a great way to network. Homeless shelters, animal rescues, and environment groups are just a few of the many charities you can get involved in. Many higher ups on the boards of charities will write you a slamming letter of recommendation and may even let you use them as a job reference. Plus, you’re helping make a difference in the world. Everyone wins!


Morpheus Interns

8. Intern

Do you have your dream career set but don’t know how to break into it? Interning is a foolproof way to not only gain experience and knowledge, but you can end up with some pretty awesome mentors. Plus it gives a realistic look at what it’s like to actually work in the field you’re interested in.

9. Get away for the weekend

For many of us, a summer of nonstop travel is simply not realistic. Work, finances or other obligations may prevent us from that luxurious to Europe, or that exotic cruise. But there is an alternative, simply change your scenery for the weekend. You don’t have to fly out of state, try going camping or maybe just renting a hotel room in an area of town you really love but can’t actually afford to live (I’ll admit, I do this often)? It’s a well-needed break without the hustle and bustle of your daily schedule, and it’s a lot easier to request a weekend off than it is to request two weeks or more.


via Pinterest

10. Do ONE Project

This kind of goes back to the bucket list, but it’s more domestic. Try out a fun summer project for your house to bring some fresh new energy to your space. It can be a simple as a d.i.y decor, or as challenging as starting a garden (by the way, comment below if you’d like me to post some of my favorite d.i.y ideas).

Did you like the list? What are some things you plan to do this summer? Answer in the comments below.

“Tiara Letrice is a Staff Writer at #mygirlsquad. She enjoys hot cups of tea, modern ballet, and Quentin Tarantino

Written by Tiara Letrice, Staff Writer #MyGirlSquad

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