#WCW: Women Who Slay

Miaka Little, Founder and Owner of mINe cosmetics

Did you hear the news?

Well if you didn’t, let me the first to inform you that black women are now officially the most educated women in the good old USA. With this growth comes creativity, opportunities, and of course ownership.  As black people everywhere step into the world of collective consciousness, it is important that we realize the benefit of supporting our own.   This week I’d like to highlight a special black queen doing her thing in the world of entrepreneurship.  Not only has she created a product that is useful, and financially successful, it is something that none of us could live without.  As I always say, “create something that is needed and you’ll never go broke!”


Miaka Little, Founder and  Owner of mINe cosmetics

Based out of : Charlotte, NC

Tell me a little about your business and what made you start it?

Initially, I started mINe cosmetics as solely a lipstick company.  I wanted to sell something that was both cute and affordable. I created and named those lipsticks after some of my closest friends and family.  I then came up with the name mINe.  The company name embodies everything I need to be successful.  All that I need is in IN me.  My slogan is “It’s me, it’s IN, it’s mINe.

What is the meaning behind your collection of soaps?

As much as I love my lipsticks, I began to grow more conscious of what I placed into and on my body.  I knew I wanted to  create something that was both cost effective and natural.  This was the beginning of mINe Cosmetics Beauty Bars.  The greatest thing about these soaps is that they are beneficial for everyone. Rather you have sensitive skin, combination, or only prefer to use natural products.   Unlike my lipsticks, this collection is for everyone!  mINe cosmetics is both cruelty free and natural.  Unlike other soaps, every ingredient is one that you can pronounce!


As a black woman, why do you feel business ownership is important?

As a mother of two young queens, it is important that I leave a path for them to follow and a legacy that will continue to thrive.  Business ownership is definitely not for the lazy or short tempered, however there is no greater feeling than having something that is YOURS.  Being your own boss is the highest achievement any Black Queen can hold.

What type of challenges have you faced in entrepreneurship?  What advice would you give other women who hope to start their own business or organization?

The biggest challenge would probably be the hook up.  Family, friends, co-workers, someone is always looking for a discount. You wouldn’t go into the MK outlet and ask a manager for half off of your purse would you?  No. Your business cannot grow if you give everything away for free. Your family and friends should be there to support you, not use you.

My advice to other women would be just to do it.  You will never know how great you can be until you try. There is a lesson in everything so even if you fail, look it as a stepping stone.  You can only go up from there.


Do you plan to expand your line to include other products?

Once my active duty military orders are up, (I’m a woman of many talents), I definitely plan to expand my line to body butters, scrubs and a few other things.  You can look for those items later in the fall.

Where can we locate your items?

My husband and I currently share our site. My husband has an amazing T-shirt line (feel free to check it out) and my soaps are also located on this page.  www.DrummaSC.com  You can also find us on instagram @minecosmetics


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