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UPDATE: #StopRacismAtPTAGirlsHigh

With the online petition having reached over 30 000 signatures what’s new with the calls for the stop to racism at Pretoria Girls High?

Well, to be honest, nothing.

BUT let me back up and explain what happened to those just joining in the conversation. A few weeks ago young black girls at an ‘elite’ (formerly white-only school) was in the spotlight. This because the black students who now attend the school were fed up with the hair policies in place. Read more here

Basically, everything from the diameter of braids to the pattern of cornrows was regulated and there was a strong sense that natural hair was prohibited even though those exact words were never used.

Now, almost four weeks later what has happened?

We can start with the fact that during the height of this matter being a trending topic on social media there were multiple visits from the necessary governmental departments. In fact, the hair policy was even suspended. That was a great start. BUT what happened then?

ONLY a few days ago was this statement was released by the school.

I mean, this is all great and all BUT why do we need to open discussions? Is it not clear what the students and society want?

Nonetheless, MyGirlSquad awaits the outcome and will let you know what happens.

p.s. Another school went ahead and amended their hair policies.

Written by: Hulisani Khorombi, Associate Editor, #mygirlsquad

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