Welcome to #mygirlsquadRADIO!

We are expanding the #mygirlsquad brand to talk radio where we will be discussing relevant topics that affect women of color! Join us every Tuesday at 630 PM EST on http://www.motorcitywoman.com. If you didn’t have time to catch a show, we have the replay available for you. Simply click on the image to listen to the audio file.


Leah Vernon is slaying all over social and print media. She’s is a multi- faceted body positive blogger shares her insight on loving yourself unapologetically. LISTEN HERE http://bit.ly/2jrrwoj


Makeup And Breakup is a web series that makes you question everything about relationships! This cleverly written has you knee deep with the characters as they comb through the messy status of making up and breaking up. This series is an all African-American cast and is written and directed by Eric J. Dickens. Makeup and Breakups airs on every Wednesday. LISTEN HERE http://bit.ly/2j4AECx


Ayanda Carter is an interior designer on a mission to continuously break the glass ceiling! She is holding her own in the male-dominated interior design industry in Nigeria. She shares some gems with us on how to stay on top of your game regardless of your environment. LISTEN HERE http://bit.ly/2iYtIVh


Ericka Hart is a woman on a mission! She’s a sex educator, writer, and a performer. She has graced the pages of the Washington Post, Refinery 29 and AFROPUNK. Ericka is also a breast cancer survivor who has changed the way we see cancer survivors. Join us tomorrow to hear how she’s able to channel her story to inspire others. LISTEN HERE http://bit.ly/2id0Nup


Triena Deniese is the ultimate Southern Belle. She’s been featured on Huff Post, Essence and DARE Magazine and is spreading a message of being comfortable in your own skin. Triena flaunts her curves unapologetically and sprinkles her Southern Belle charm on everyone who is ready to troll and hate on curvy girls. LISTEN HERE http://bit.ly/2iYJ5gx

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