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Spectechular IT

Who is Spectechular-IT?

Spectechular-IT comprising of 3 partners with Rudzani Ndou representing the company. We are a mobile Information Technology Company that specializes in Apple Support that includes software updates , mail issues and Training  for Mac users . We also Support Windows devices.


What made you take the first step to become entrepreneurs?

Having served at a service  desk at an Apple Premium Reseller we realized that there is a huge market of users who are often inconvenienced by time and travel to get help at the retail store. Since retail  is a fast paced business,  getting after sale support is a problem and some technical issues could’ve been solved in the comfort of people’s own home, saving them time and money.


How did you know that this is what you wanted to do for sure?

Due to the overwhelming influx of customers who were purchasing Apple devices, but didn’t have the necessary skills or knowledge (having long queues and being short staffed in order to assist customers speedily) to utilize the devices efficiently, we found a number of customer requesting our personal details so that they can contact us or come to their place of business or residences when they needed help, as they often times did not have the time to wait in a queue which led to more referrals, We then saw that there was a need to educate and equip the customer .


Have there been any setbacks?

The setbacks that we face as a start-up business is the constant need to put ourselves out there or market our service due to a lack of exposure or financial capacity, we have then learnt how to use the power of social media platforms and word of mouth to help us get potential clients, we are also aiming to get exposure to the corporate world and serve on a retainer basis.


Do you have any other work or projects?

We just completed an office set up for a upcoming sanitary company and we are working hand in hand with them in being their constant Apple/ Windows Technical Support company. As a new project we are in the process of setting up a retail support center outside of Gauteng where we find most of our clients..


How do you persevere in the business?

It is a known fact that being the new fish in the pond is intimidating, but we try to keep a close eye on our competitors by filling or fitting into the gaps they often miss out on because of the scale of their business. We preserve by having a goal in mind, which is ultimately having a close bond with our customers, where they can definitely rely on us for all their technical needs.


Any advise for others looking to start a business?

The advise I would give to an individual who is launching their company is that “ If it consumes all of your thoughts and keeps you awake then pursue it, not matter how hard it gets (and it will) keep on KEEPING ON !, because we often do not regret what we did, but we regret what we did not do .

In addition to what was said above, having a dream often requires the right partnership to live it out, if you are going into business that requires a partnership ensure that the people/ person you partner with has/have the same desires as you as team work in essential ,the last thing you want to do is focus on being an entrepreneur whilst carrying dead weight.



People can learn more about us on our website or like our facebook page Spectech It and  follow us on @Spectechular_it.




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