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[#mygirlsquadRADIO] In Ericka We Trust!

We had the opportunity to chat with the incomparable Ericka Hart.


Ericka Hart is a woman on a mission! She’s a sex educator, writer, and a performer. She has graced the pages of the Washington Post, Refinery 29 and AFROPUNK. Ericka is also a breast cancer survivor who has changed the way we see cancer survivors. Join us tomorrow to hear how she’s able to channel her story to inspire others. LISTEN HERE

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One thought on “[#mygirlsquadRADIO] In Ericka We Trust!

  1. Amazing your courage astounds me. Owning all of the stuff life throws ones way is not always easy. You’ve appropriated the situation and turned it right around. Kudos! You picture is simply gorgeous. Much love and admiration.


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