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[RECAP] Women’s March On Washington

The day after Donald Trumps Inauguration saw the largest political demonstrations in the United States since the Vietnam War.


Women’s Marched around the world from with the goal of promoting women’s rights, immigration reform, and health care reform; to counter Islamophobia, rape culture, and LGBTQ abuse; and to address racial inequities (e.g., Black Lives Matter), workers’ issues, and environmental issues.


Marches occurred worldwide, with 408 marches planned in the U.S. and 168 in other countries.Officials behind the organization later told of 673 marches worldwide with some estimates putting a worldwide participation at more than 2 million.


We salute all the women involved today.


Thank you!




All images sourced from : http://www.billboard.com/photos/7662613/womens-march-2017-photos-madonna-miley-katy-perry/1

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