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7 IG Women Who Will Change Your Life


It has been some time my lovelies! Well I’m back, and better. After allowing 2016 to be life’s L of the century, I’ve been working on pulling inspiration to make 2017 a huge win. The best way to do that is draw inspiration from strong and inspirational people. So, in typical Tiara fashion, I’ve made a list of 7 accounts that have given me inspiration and motivation to make this a great year. I have decided to not include the accounts of anyone famous, so please don’t ask my why I didn’t include my weekly #WCW, Angel Haze. With that said, let’s get into it!




Photo from Instagram page


UK based artist hailing from Eritrea, I love this woman. Aside from an awesome aesthetic, Yohanna shares powerful images of culture and definitely gives a new meaning to “spiritual gangsta”.




Photo from Instagram page

Alli is the woke IG mother we never had. From her hilarious commentary on taboo topics to her amazing style, this woman will have you laughing for hours and feeling like your IQ went up in the process.


@BahaYogi (Alex Fox)


Photo from Facebook page

Remember that commitment you made to get in shape a few weeks for the new year? I’m sure most of you already lost inspiration, but you don’t have to wait until 2018 to get it back. This gorgeous yoga instructor is based in the Bahamas and is always posting daily poses in beautiful locations. If that doesn’t make you want to get in shape, 2018 might be your year for sure girl.




Photo from Tumblr

This curvy beauty has completely redefined fashion and body confidence. A model, photographer, and a certified fashionista.  Why they haven’t given her a billion dollar modeling contract is far beyond me. The girl’s style alone is magic! For my sisters with the womanly figures, meet your Beyoncè. Thank me later.




Photo from Instagram page

If Nina Simone and Josephine Baker had a woke baby in a burlesque club… you have this stunner. Macee gives an entire new meaning to “Bad and Boujee” (and I’m sure that more than a few celebrities are biting her style). Everything about her screams “Black Girl Magic”, from her political posts to her pacesetter fashion.





Photo from Twitter page


Ms. Angela Ross. This woman y’all. This woman. There is something so beautiful about seeing a black woman wanting everyone around her to be as successful as she is. She’s probably one of my favorite accounts right now because she really is about action. This is so needed, especially with the ugly stereotypes that successful blacks don’t help each other. Pass, you thought!





The Michelle Obamas of the world aren’t just reserved for DC, as this Houston based socialite will prove to you. I love Dee’s account because she’s very graceful and elegant, I love black socialites (though she’s far too modest to refer to herself as such),  and the woman is a never-ending river of positivity. Classy, educated, with style to boot, this is a must follow page.


So there you have it, my top 7 pages. Who are your favorite ladies to follow? Share them in the comments below.


Written by Tiara Letrice

“Tiara Letrice is a Staff Writer at #mygirlsquad. She enjoys hot cups of tea, modern ballet, and Quentin Tarantino

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