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The little things – Part 1

Little things to do for your loved one

We live in this fast-paced, technology-filled world where we often forget those closest to us. Often I watch my friends, family members, people around me and wonder why they treat their significant others, so ordinarily. How come they answer the phone like “Hello, howzit, ya ok bye.” How come they don’t use affectionate terms for one another after a few years of being married? How come they don’t hold hands or explore together?

To me. In my mind. A significant other should be your best friend and not as a cliché, but in the true sense of the word. You should have every bit of trust in one another; you should be lovers, romantic and playful, you should laugh together, you should guide one another, you should be a shoulder to cry on for each other.



After becoming too accustomed to one another, we tend to slack a bit. Here is a list of things to try and bring into your relationship to rekindle that spark or even just to enhance what you already have:

1) Play with their hair
2) Ask “what can I help you with today?”
3) Feed each other
4) On a cold day, warm their clothes on the heater while they shower.
5) Buy their favorite sweetie from the store, just because.
6) There are so many online shopping platforms. Send them something out of the blue.
7) Do a chore they normally take care of.
8) Hug them for no reason
9) Tell them how proud you are of them
10) Plan some time to hang out with people you KNOW they enjoy.
11) Surprise them with a favorite meal.
12) Ask about their day and don’t be distracted when they answer.
13) Make them breakfast-to-go on a busy morning.
14) Don’t use sarcasm, swear at them or use a condescending tone
15) Play games. Gosh, even get water pistols if you have to and play hide n seek. The loser is subjected to a challenge.
16)Take a walk around your neighborhood together.
17) Don’t complain about watching a show they love that you might not.
18) Text them something good about how your day is going.
We often complain but forget to share the good stuff.
19) Ask about what they would most want to do on a weekend if they could do anything.
20) Initiate sexy time
21) Cook a meal together
22) Have a date night at least once a month
23) Offer a massage to them after a hard day
24) Have a picnic
25) Make a “why I love you” list


Part 2 comes out comes soon.

Written by Safiyyah Sujee, #Bi-weekly writer at #MyGirlSquad


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