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5 Affirmations When You Have Zero F*cks Left To Give

You’ve just about had it with your job. Your bills have been way too disrespectful, and your co-worker is two cents shy of a funeral. This week just began, and you’re already dealing with passive aggressive racist comments on a social media post you commented on. The only thing you want to do is sink yourself into the comfort of your bed and eat some food. If this describes your week or any part of your day, you probably have zero fucks left to give the next day.


The unfortunate part is you can’t clock out and blow up your workplace, you can’t live out your dreams of successfully strangling your co-worker for annoying every last nerve you had allocated to get through the day. Or God forbid having to argue in that long Facebook thread where people act like you’re speaking tongues of fire

Often making you feel like you’ve been ejected from earth to a heartless hell of beings barely resembling humans!

Here are 5 Affirmations to help you before blowing your fuse and regretting it.

1.Disrespectful bills

Money or lack thereof can put a whole new level of stress on anyone especially when you have bills pending. Nothing hurts more than checking your account – with the assumption that you have adequate funds to cover a transaction – and realize you only have enough coins to toss in a small fountain somewhere.


Affirmation: I’m broke as fuck, but I’m still alive and well

So you have less than the desired amount to pay a bill – ok, call them to make a payment plan. Once you’re done with that, understand that money doesn’t define who you are. It gives you   privilege. So while you’re in the phase of being broke, focus on all the things we always take for granted – being alive and healthy. Sure it may sound cliche, but if you were to visit any children’s hospital, ICU ward, cancer center, you quickly learn the primary focus in every place is the will to get better. Your ability to make worrying about money your first priority is a privilege many people in these hospitals and centers do not have. They’re fighting for their lives, and their health is the first priority. Stop wallowing, appreciate the privilege, and work on better ways to manage your money.

2. Social Media Trolls

You’re knee deep in a Facebook thread, and while reading the comments you decide to correct an uninformed commenter. Before you know it, you’ve spent an hour going back and forth about issues and semantics that no longer have anything to do with the original post.

giphy kermit

Affirmation: I ain’t got time for this shit

Honestly. Truly. You don’t have the time to engage in social media squabbles. You will end up angry, annoyed or frustrated at the commenter. God forbid if it’s a comment by the Bey-Hive, then you’ll have to deal with a whole swarm of commenters. Yikes. Learn when to fall back.

3. That Annoying Co-Worker

If you had the choice, your co-worker would be either transferred to another department or moved across the planet.


Affirmation: They are not paying my bills

They are not paying your bills, so why are you bothered? Yeah, they may be very annoying, and make you mad – but think about this, the one that angers you controls you. Keep calm and carry on.

4. Job from hell

If you have an anal boss, working conditions are deplorable, you hate your duties, and you’re so close to blowing up the building – it’s time to reassess why you are putting yourself through the trouble.


Affirmation: I can do better

Get Out. It’s not worth your time if you are utterly miserable with no end in sight. Reassessing your job should entail the pros and cons of why you’re there. Could it be that you are about to get a better position, a better assignment or job security from an internship? If the cons outweigh the pros, it’s time to look for another job.

5. The unforgiving week

We all have them. The week that has shamelessly dragged us through from Monday through Friday.


Affirmation: Happiness is always trending

It can be hard to stay afloat when the tides of the week keep coming in back to back. So hang in there and search for your happy! If you love music, play all your all time favorite tracks. If you love books – dig into that book you’ve been meaning to read. Adjust your mind away from the week by submerging yourself in things you love. It’ll make for a great distraction.

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