#WCW: Women Who Slay / Culture

Let’s play ‘Hair Nah’

This new web game Hair Nah!, in which you play a black woman swatting away those problematic paws gunning for the glory that sits atop your head, comes at a time where there’s renewed focus on what to do and what not to do with black women’s hair.

We are here for it and can’t wait to delve into playing. Players can design their character with one of six different skin tones, 12 hairstyles and a destination trip to Havana, Cuba, Santa Monica Pier in California, or Osaka, Japan. From there, you have one minute to protect your crown by swatting as many of the reaching hands as you can. The goal is to fill up the “Nah!” meter before time runs out.


Follow :  Momo @MomoUhOh on Twitter for more info and get to it. 

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