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We have all the pictures from last night and have picked our fav for you. Take a look! BEACHCULT SPRING | SUMMER 2018 JUDITH-ATELIER SPRING | SUMMER 2018   HELON MELON SPRING | SUMMER 2018   ERRE SPRING | SUMMER 2018   AMANDA LAIRD CHERRY SPRING | SUMMER 2018   MANTSHO SPRING | SUMMER 2018 … Continue reading

Afro Art giving us life
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Afro Art giving us life

Focusing on their hair, the married duo (Regis and Kahran,) created Afro Art, a series of gorgeous portraits that has cast a spell on everyone’s eyes. The stunning photos feature girls in elaborate costuming and hairstyles, from the Baroque period (roughly, 1600-1750) to steampunk clothing and fierce high-fashion ensembles.   We are here for it! Check … Continue reading