#WCW Afua Rida

Afua Rida is a stylist, fashion blogger, runway show producer, and fashion consultant based in Ghana.

Styled by Rida, her personal fashion blog that has earned her a myriad of awards including Style Blogger of the Year for the past two years as well as The Glitz Africa “Fashion Blogger of the Year” 2015 award.

Afua has an A Level GCSE certificate in Science and Social Science from the Ghana International School. She attended Concordia University and has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Specialization and Marketing.



With her passion to showing a beautiful Africa, Afua wants “people to have a good sense of what is happening in Africa and Ghana when they see my brand”.

The passion for fashion clearly runs in Afua’s family as her younger sister, Hayet Rida is also a stylist, planner, photographer, and artist. Both she and her sister are excelling at what they do, and representing Ghana beautifully to the world.

Take a look at an interview she did earlier this year and follow her blog!

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