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The problematic fav: Bruno Mars

Listen here ya’ll… This young lady has a point and a half. What are your thoughts on Bruno?

Do we prefer our black culture from a none-black person?


Watch the full video here.


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2 thoughts on “The problematic fav: Bruno Mars

  1. Ugh. I really have a problem with how “cultural appropriation” is so broadly used when I think of all the ways we mimicked white culture. Examples are cotillions (the black version of elite whites’ coming-out balls), waist-long weaves, and Miss Black America beauty pageants. BTW, I saw Bruno perform in Paris and he was FABULOUS!!! He’s a person of color who was influenced by Black music and Black performers…so what he’s not Black. (Unless he did — and we know — his DNA results, we can’t really say that last part, can we?) Why wouldn’t Nat King Cole be a cultural appropriator? I’m sure I can name others. We need / deserve CREDIT for what we add to American culture. I think if a group passes something else off as theirs, it is cultural appropriation. For instance, Bo Derek’s braids, for which white people thought (or promoted the idea) that she originated that style and didn’t give credit to the race for whom braiding is easy. We can go on and on, so we need to really be careful what we mean by the term.

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    • I appreciate your opinion as this does bring up a problematic dilemma of “cultural appropriation” and the “owners” of black culture. Would the way in which we mimic white culture be a subjugation of our own oppression, and not so much taking or borrowing by choice? Naturally if we were free to express, we would express ourselves in white spaces as we do in black spaces. Example the historical oppression of black women and hair in the white spaces that forces many women to straighten (and wear weaves although arguably, that isn’t cultural appropriation, since straight hair and weaves/wigs are not historically or belong to white culture.) I don’t know if the video alluded to his musical excellence as a bad thing, however the part that did stand out for me was the notion of “us” liking black culture on others. What are your thoughts on that?


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