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#WCW Hope Wiseman

At the age of 25, WAGS Atlanta cast member, Hope Wiseman is the founder of Mary and Main a dispensary set to open up in Prince George’s County, Maryland, making Wiseman the youngest dispensary owner in the U.S.



In addition to Mary and Main, Wiseman also founded Compassionate Herbal Alternative to help create opportunities for minorities who have been disproportionately affected by the war on drugs.


Over the past three years, Wiseman has worked alongside her mother and a family friend, both dentists by trade, to build up her business. She said she has faced confusion and skepticism from friends and family who have negative connotations about marijuana.

Wiseman plans to offer free classes about marijuana, which she said she hopes can alleviate the stigma associated with the plant. She plans to focus on communities where punishment for consuming cannabis could be devastating. Challenging the stigma, she said, may encourage minorities to break into the industry.

To learn more about Mary & Main, visit http://www.maryandmain.com 



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