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Restaurant review: Sumting Fresh

If you are looking for affordable street gourmet food in South Africa, this restaurant is certainly the place to be. We were there and have to share the experience!


Sumting Fresh is a street style restaurant that treated bloggers to a tasting at their restaurant reboot in Johannesburg, South Africa. The meals were certainly tasty and brought an interesting side to gourmet foods.

The cocktails are set up in jam jars which are filled with fruits and come in sizable quantities. The intimate restaurant treats you to bold and tasty flavors. Drinks such as the Raspberry Gin and tonic included pineapple, strawberry amongst other fruits which really brought out the gin flavor.


The menu had many interesting foods that wet the taste buds. The stand out dish was the Dream Chicken. A fried chicken nugget topped with caviar along with fried fish and deep fried Macaroni and cheese with truffle shavings. This meal was well executed with the crust of of the chicken crunchy and flavorful and moist chicken in the middle. The fish was moist and tasty. Although the deep fried Macaroni and cheese need a little more flavor, coupled with their tasty sauce it was delicious.


The restaurant also features a private function and birthday feature where you can host your birthday at this fun establishment.

Written by: Nikiwe Buhlalu


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