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Fine and Frugal: How to Slay on a Budget

2017 is the year of black designers. From Laquan Smith to Cushnie et Ochs to Yeezy, we are finally starting to take our place in high-end fashion. However, as inspirational as the fashion houses are, many of us don’t quite have the disposable income yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t express ourselves and slay while we do it. Here is my list to step up your style game without breaking the bank:


  • Evaluate-


Image by Cafubaye

What is already in your wardrobe? What is your signature style? Are your current clothes reflecting the image you are trying to convey? If not, it’s time to set a shopping budget. *ProTip: Instead of setting a shopping budget for one trip, try setting an annual shopping budget for yourself and divide quarterly. For example, if your annual budget is $3,000, you have $750 to spend on clothes each quarter!


  • Find Your Muse-

 Createherstock Biz Besties 36

So now that you’ve established your style and know what look you’re hoping to achieve, it’s time to gather inspiration. Create a style board with specific pieces and looks that inspire you. Pay close attention to what it is about a certain piece you like, you’ll need this later. *ProTip: Be practical. If you spend 70% of your time in a office, it isn’t practical to own a bunch of clubwear. And no, you don’t need 12 pairs of jeans, you only have one butt and there’s only 7 days in the week sis.


  • Cull Your Wardrobe-


Imaged by WardrobeOxygen.com

Get rid of any pieces that do not fit, or don’t currently reflect the image you’re going for. This also a good time to organize your closet. *ProTip: Donate or toss out clothes that aren’t in good condition(most cities have clothing recycling centers, and stores like H&M have been known to recycle clothing as well) , and sell or trade your clothes – many thrift and consignment shops will either pay you cash or give you store credit for clothes in good condition.


  • Make A List-


A page from “Parisian” Chic, by Ines de la Fressange

Now that your closet is organized and you have a clear image in your head, it’s time to create a list of pieces to add. What, if anything, is missing from your current wardrobe? Are you into the rocker look, but you lack a leather (or vegan leather) Jacket? Put it on the list. Are you inspired by Chanel’s spring couture collection, but you’re lacking a sequin skirt? Put it on the list.*ProTip: When making your list, always ask yourself if the item is a trendy piece or an investment piece. A trendy piece is something you’ll stop wearing by next year, it’s usually better to spend less or (even  DIY if can). Investment pieces are the pieces you see yourself wearing 5-10 years from now. Jackets, sweaters, shoes, and accessories can all be considered good investment pieces.

  • Go Shopping (if needed)-

Createherstock Biz Besties 34

If there are pieces missing, it’s time to go shop. As I said earlier, thrift stores and consignment shops are a really good place to start because you not only can get extra money or store credit, you can find lots of unique pieces for really good prices AND it’s a lot more environmentally friendly than fast fashion stores.

  • Work Your Look!-


Solange Knowles for Michael Kors

Slay mama! Slay! Whether if it’s the DIY sock boot or a second hand bell sleeve sweater, own your new look. *ProTip: If you’re feeling really daring, or simply don’t have any cash to spare, try changing up your makeup or styling your hair differently. A new look can make a huge difference.

Did you enjoy my list? What are some of your favorite tips for styling on a budget? Sound off in the comments below, I’d love to read them! And for more fashion tips, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @TiaraLetrice and on my blog http://may-the14th.blogspot.com/?m=1

Written by Tiara Letrice

“Tiara Letrice is a Writer at #mygirlsquad. She enjoys hot cups of tea, modern ballet, and Quentin Tarantino

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